Armageddon Fed Up With This - Corrections and Clarifications

Inevitably the odd whoopsie has survived all my checks.

Page xv

Eric was actually born in Minster, where the family had moved before his birth.


Page 70

HMS Ark Royal (commissioned 1938) was not in fact the Royal Navy’s first purpose-built aircraft carrier; that honour belongs to HMS Hermes (commissioned 1924).


Page 106

Convoy PQ16 lost eight (not eleven) of its thirty-five ships, plus two damaged.


Page 124

My speculation about a project to deploy 3.7s by air is based on the Horsa glider, which was ridiculously inadequate for a load of that weight and bulk. I have since found out that the Hamilcar, just coming into service at that time, had an 8-ton payload, which was tantalisingly close. The gun would still have needed a lighter and smaller carriage to fit, however.


Page 200

A 'Mike' target involved concentrating a regiment of artillery on a single objective; 'Uncle' target brought in the rest of the division; and a (very rare) 'Victor' target deserved the attention of a whole corps.


Page 276

I have since discovered that Lieutenant Jimmy Coyle was killed in October 1944, serving with 2 Commando in Albania. He was just twenty-two years old.


Page 308.

Ede was Jennie's elder sister, not her aunt. At one time they both taught in the same school.


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