'Castaways of the Kriegsmarine' - Corrections

I promised to keep you posted on any wrinkles that survived the review process. These will be fixed in the next upload, but in the meantime here you are (minor formatting issues excepted):


P.112. 'remarried' should read 'married'.


P.146. The reference for the Kurt Boehme quotation should read SRN 338, not 138.


P.158. The reference to 'von Rath' could use clarification. The 1938 assassination of Ernst vom (not von) Rath, a German diplomat in Paris, by a Jewish teenager provided the pretext for Kristallnacht, an orgiastic night of murder, destruction and arrest against Nazi Germany’s Jewish population.


P.202. The captain of Scharnhorst was erroneously called Hintz, not Hintze, in the original document. The name should have [sic] after to indicate this.


P.203. For mmm. read mm.

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