'Castaways of the Kriegsmarine' - Corrections

I promised to keep you posted on any wrinkles that survived the review process. These will be fixed in the next upload, but in the meantime here you are (minor formatting issues excepted):


P.22: For Putkhold, read Purkhold.


P.36: Franz von Werra was not the only 'one who got away.' A less famous but perhaps even more influential escaper was Kurt Reich, Maschinenmaat (Mechanician 2nd Class) from U 63. He staged a daring break from the transport steamer taking him to Canada by jumping overboard in the St Lawrence Seaway and swimming to shore. It is also possible that Oberleutnant (Ing) Rottman of U 33 made it back, but I have not been able to confirm this.


P.64, 69: I imply that Julius Lunzer was the first Jewish naval interrogator. In fact Wilfred Samuel had that distinction. At the time of our narrative, however, Samuel was serving in Ottawa as liaison with the Royal Canadian Navy, and in charge of mail censorship for prisoners in both the US and Canada.


The Wrens in the photo have been provisionally identified as (from left to right) Jean Flower, Evelyn Barron, Esme Mackenzie (not Claudia Furneaux). The last is probably Gwendoline Neel-Wall. New information suggests that the photo was taken in 1943.


P.112. 'remarried' should read 'married'.


P.113: A reader has kindly pointed out that Korvettenkapitän Wirich von Gartzen (b.1909) survived the sinking, wrote a post-war book (Die Flottille: Aussergewöhnlicher Seekrieg deutscher Mittelmeer-Torpedobooteon torpedo-boat operations and lived until 1993.


P.146. The reference for the Kurt Boehme quotation should read SRN 338, not 138.


P.158. The reference to 'von Rath' could use clarification. The 1938 assassination of Ernst vom (not von) Rath, a German diplomat in Paris, by a Jewish teenager provided the pretext for Kristallnacht, an orgiastic night of murder, destruction and arrest against Nazi Germany’s Jewish population.


P.161.In refernce 4 'TNA 223/809' should read 'TNA 186/809'.


P.202. The captain of Scharnhorst was erroneously called Hintz, not Hintze, in the original document. The name should have [sic] after to indicate this.


P.203. For mmm. read mm.

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