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I have transcribed these documents for my own use and am happy to make them available to other researchers.


100% completeness and accuracy is NOT guaranteed. Where I am uncertain of a transcription I put a question mark in square brackets immediately after.  Where I gave up and left something out I left multiple question marks. I have also taken the liberty of inserting spaces where it helps readability. That is not, of course, to suggest there are no other errors or omissions. All corrections are welcome, and will be included in future updates.


You are free to use this in your own work but must not distort or misrepresent it. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use does not infringe copyright or any other laws. Acknowledgement would be much appreciated.


There is no charge for the material but quite a lot of work went into it. I suggest a voluntary contribution to the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund, National Museum of the Royal Navy or equivalent charity in your own country if you find it useful.

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