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Fleet Street

1953 British Pathe newsreel on Fleet Street, featuring (among others) Arthur 'Tony' Helliwell, Peter Wilson and Hannen Swaffer.

Gentlemen Ranters - remniscences of old Fleet Street.

'Getting the Lambs to Gambol' - Hugh Cudlipp's witty, double-edged tribute to Frank Charman.

Anti-Aircraft Artillery

Anti-Aircraft Home Page - Interesting material on radar, vehicles and gun sites. Includes a link to a map of HAA gun sites.

Historic Military Vehicle Forum - Radar Trailers - includes pictures of an AA No 1 Mk 2 site and some surviving (sort-of) radar trailers.

Anti-Aircraft Fire Control and the Development of Integrated Svstems at Sperry, 1925-1940 - a paper by Terry A Mindell describing the development and operation of the Sperry AA Predictor.

British Mechanical Gunnery Computers of World War II (Allan G Bromley) - a 1984 Australian paper including a chapter on army AA predictors.

The Secret Scotland web site has a page on GL Radar, including basic descriptions and some operator remniscences.

British Pathe video of a practice shoot, including a brief shot of the predictor crew at work. The loaders' work rate is impressive!


Brighstone Gun Site - a 2007 survey by the Isle of Wight County Archaeology and Historic Environment Service.

The excellent Secret Scotland resource includes a page on the Kilcreggan AA gunsite, and another on the Gourock site where 206 Battery had their first experience of the Clyde.

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