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Hugh de Cressingham




Treasurer of Scotland in the English administration of 1296-7, killed (appropriately enough) at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Appropriately because he'd done more than anyone else to lose it for the English.


A somewhat tidied and shortened version of my first degree dissertation is available free from the Downloads section of this site. As far as I can tell it casts a unique light on this slightly remote backwater of thirteenth-century history. It's also, though I say so myself, quite readable.


And don't believe anything you see in the film! Well, not much.

More on the way - watch this space. Future glimmers in my mind's eye include a look at the history of Naval Intelligence Division, the Forward Interrogation Unit in Germany and the WW2 use of Keele Hall. I am also contemplating biographies of George Gonin and Ralph Izzard. I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who can cast light on any of these topics.

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