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Hugh de Cressingham


Treasurer of Scotland in the English administration of 1296-7, killed (appropriately enough) at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Appropriately because he'd done more than anyone else to lose it for the English.

A somewhat tidied and shortened version of my first degree dissertation is available free from the Downloads section of this site. As far as I can tell it casts a unique light on this slightly remote backwater of thirteenth-century history. It's also, though I say so myself, quite readable.

And don't believe anything you see in the film! Well, not much.

The Battle of Jutland, Through a Looking Glass

The German High Seas Fleet’s sorties in strength after the battle of Jutland were few and inconclusive, but as a ‘fleet in being’ it remained a powerful threat. Britain’s Admiralty, alive to the tactical issues thrown up by Jutland’s titanic clash, was anxious to learn what had gone wrong. Luckily for the British, German veterans of the battle were progressively posted to U-boats and other units. As they were sunk their survivors began to find their way into the hands of Intelligence Division’s interrogators and yield a view from the other side of the mirror. This article identifies the interrogators and their subjects. It examines the quality of their evidence and provides additional insights into the action in the First and Second Scouting Groups and the Third, First and Second Battle Squadrons.

Published in The Mariner's Mirror, October 2019

More on the way - watch this space. Future glimmers in my mind's eye include a look at the history of Naval Intelligence Division, the Forward Interrogation Unit in Germany and the WW2 use of Keele Hall. I am also contemplating biographies of George Gonin and Ralph Izzard. I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who can cast light on any of these topics.

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